The Complete Guide to Gemstones – Colours & Meanings

Handmade Gemstone Jewellery remains just as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. It has played many roles throughout history, its story, significance, and meaning changing from continent to continent, but its popularity has never waned.


Treasured since time began for its value, beauty, and special powers, Gemstone Jewellery is believed to have mystical properties and healing capabilities in some cultures, while in others it is thought to ward off evil spirits and serve as a protector. The meaning of each piece changes depending on the gemstone it holds.


Here we take a look at the gemstones used in Mystic Pearls Handmade Jewellery, with a focus on colour, meaning, and potential benefits.


Lapis Lazuli: A vibrant blue stone, mined in certain areas of Afghanistan, Russia, and Chile, Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful gemstone thought to harmonise the body, mind, and soul. A relationship stone, it is believed to strengthen bonds in friendship and love, while having a calming effect on the spiritual being. As with sapphires, Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone of September.


Amethyst: With its vibrant purple/lilac/violet colourway and iridescent shine, Amethyst is an enchanting gemstone with powerful healing properties. Thought to calm the mind, reduce stress, and encourage clarity, it can help with all-important decision making while relieving insomnia caused by over-thinking. Amethyst is most commonly found in the mines of Brazil and listed as the birthstone of February.


Blue Topaz: Like most blue gemstones, Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December. While calming in colour, Topaz is bursting with energy and joy, and it is believed to encourage generosity and abundance while promoting good health. The perfect gift, it represents romance and eternal friendship.


Citrine: With its vibrant yellow colour and balancing properties, Citrine is the perfect addition to gemstone jewellery. A powerful cleanser, it is thought to be highly effective at unblocking the Svadhisthana Chakra and the Manipura Chakra, while energising the body on all levels. Mined in Brazil, Citrine is the birthstone of November.


Garnet: Mined in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia, Garnet is a purifying gemstone that is thought to inspire love and devotion. It benefits the chakras, stimulates the metabolism, and re-energises the heart, blood, and lungs to promote good health. While mostly red, garnet is available in a choice of eye-catching colours, and it is the birthstone of January.


Iolite: Sometimes referred to as the ‘Water Sapphire’ iolite is a beautiful crystal that boosts motivation, detoxifies the body and serves to block bad habits and addiction. Its name, derived from the Greek word ios, which means violet, indicates the colour of the stone, although it is also available in varying shades of grey, green, and blue

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