The Stone of Love: Rose Quartz and its Mystics

The other day I was watching an Indian mythical show depicting the story of Lord Shiva. The dialogue went like this:

“True Love doesn’t have reasons, hence its unconditional and pure. Love is eternal, indestructible, it never fades away, it flows incessantly, pure, static”

Who doesn’t dream of having such love in their lives? Love that is so pure and eternal. We spend so much of our lives either looking for that one true love or running away from our present in the hope of finding love.

Only if we could somehow force for love to happen, force the universe to bring us the right person, only if we could just be with the right person and never go through any kind of heartbreaks. Almost everyone has gone through heart breaks at some point in their lives.  Living in this world as a human being means we have to experience all sorts of emotions; happiness, peace, love, pain, sorrow, sadness. Afterall experiencing these emotions and growing through these experiences is what brings us closer to who we are at soul level and helps with the spiritual awakening.

Who, when and how we meet someone is completely off our hands. Knowing when love hurts us, or escaping from the sorrow is also not an option we have.

Not everyone believes in fate, but I believe that, we will only experience what we are meant to experience in this lifetime. The intensity of that experience for example; how deep the cut will be or how quickly that love will find us is maybe somehow in a very small scale is probably in our hands.

There is a lot of things that can help us bring unconditional love into our lives, or can bring peace onto ones life which helps us move forward. I have always believed in the power of crystals and how they can touch and change one’s lives. I have personally been using stones for many years, in fact right now I keep a black tourmaline with me wherever I go.  When we are on the subject of love I have to say how powerful Rose Quartz is. It is one such amazing and powerful stone that can attract unconditional love and open the heart chakra to invite that pure love in one’s lives.

Rose Quartz supports the heart chakra to mend broken hearts, restore harmony in relationships, and help those searching to find true love. Romantic and feminine, it is available in various shades of pink and serves as the birthstone of May.

Keep checking my blogs when I write about how to choose a crystal and how to energize clean and look after it.

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