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Earrings Aqua Chalcedony And CarnelianEarrings Aqua Chalcedony And Carnelian
Earrings Aqua Chalcedony and Pearlearrings Aqua chalcedony and pearl (2 gold, 1 silver)
Earrings Carnelian And Chalcedony
Earrings Apatite And Pearl
Earrings Carnelian And Aquamarine
Earrings Carnelian And Pearl

Bindi Earrings

earrings black onyxearrings black onyx

Bodhi Earrings Black Onyx

Gold Silver
Bodhi Earrings Blue AventurineBodhi Earrings Blue Aventurine
earrings green onyx

Bodhi Earrings Green Onyx

Gold Silver

Chakra Earrings

earrings pearls and black onyxearrings pearls and black onyx (1 gold, 1 silver)earrings pearls and black onyx
earrings pearls and moonstoneearrings pearls and moonstone
Earrings Pearls And TurquoiseEarrings Pearls And Turquoise
Earrings Grey Druzy And PeridotEarrings Grey Druzy And Peridot