A significant piece of jewellery in Nepalese Culture, the Naugedi Mala is traditionally gifted to women as a symbol of marriage. Often saved for special occasions, Naugedi Necklaces and Bracelets are highly decorative and beautifully embellished with nine glass and gold beads. The name is self-explanatory, with Nau meaning (nine) and Gedi meaning (beads) in the Nepalese language.
In the Mystic Pearls Naugedi Jewellery Collection, you will find an enchanting display of handmade jewels crafted in a lustrous yellow gold-plated silver. Aqua Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, and shimmering Cubic Zirconia lend delicate colour and sophisticated sparkle to the eye-catching designs. The perfect gift for wedding celebrations and milestone anniversaries, Naugedi Jewellery is symbolic, spiritual, and sophisticated.

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