Make a style statement with our handmade Jhumkis Bridal Earrings. Adored in Eastern Cultures for their eye-catching design, Jhumki Earrings or Jhumka Earrings as they are also known, add colour and character to every outfit.
Traditionally worn by brides in Nepal and India on their wedding day, Jhumki Earrings are dazzling, decorative, and highly desirable. Available in a choice of colourful designs, our Jhumkis are handmade, presented in a luxurious yellow gold-plated silver, and skilfully embellished with gemstones such as Green Onyx, Chrysoprase, Pink Druzy Agate, Black Onyx, Black Cubic Zirconia, and Amethyst. Bold, beautiful, and styled to lend a touch of eastern charm to your everyday ensemble, these oversized statement earrings will make an outstanding gift for any special occasion.

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Earrings Aqua Chalcedony And CarnelianEarrings Aqua Chalcedony And Carnelian
Earrings Aqua Chalcedony and Pearlearrings Aqua chalcedony and pearl (2 gold, 1 silver)
Earrings Carnelian And Chalcedony

Chakra Earrings

earrings pearls and black onyxearrings pearls and black onyx (1 gold, 1 silver)earrings pearls and black onyx
earrings pearls and moonstoneearrings pearls and moonstone
Earrings Pearls And TurquoiseEarrings Pearls And Turquoise
Earrings Rough Apatite And CitrineEarrings Rough Apatite And Citrine
earrings rough apatite and ioliteearrings rough apatite and iolite
earrings rough apatite and onyx
Jantar Earrings Blue Druzy, Lapis, Peridotearrings blue druzy, lapis, peridot
earrings grey druzy, onyx, peridotearrings grey druzy, onyx, peridot
earrings grey druzy, pink cz, peridotearrings grey druzy, pink cz, peridot
Maaya Earrings Black Onyx And PearlEarrings Black Onyx And Pearl
earrings citrine and pearl