Featuring an artistic display of yellow gold and iridescent pearls, the handmade jewellery in the Japa Collection takes its inspiration from the ancient practices of Japa and Mala. Practised in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, and performed during Japa Yoga, this ancient spiritual discipline is thought to purify the mind and help one achieve Samadhi, or enlightenment when practised regularly.
Japa, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Jap’ is a mantra that one repeats quietly or silently in the mind. Mala, also known as Japamala, is a string of prayer beads used in spiritual practices to count repetitions. We’ve combined the Japa and the Mala to create a collection of handmade jewellery for any occasion. With a lotus flower at the centre to signify true self, and a cascade of pearls to symbolise the mala, this exceptional jewellery is magical, meaningful, and made to inspire mindfulness.

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Japa Earrings