Being Humane in the 21st century.

Suffering is inevitable for all living beings. The form changes but the misery remain the same. Most of us have a constant worry running in the back of our heads. A voice that keeps nagging us. We all believe our issues to be more grave than another’s, but all are equally critical. Everyone is constantly working on the worries to eliminate their issues. This is why a small act of kindness assures people of the goodness in the world.

I’ve always believed that God gives only as much as one can handle and work through the pain. People surrounding us help to ease this pain unknowingly. Humans are definitely social animals. But then the question arises: What do you do if there is suffering?

Do you just have to suffer and is there no way out?

Once helplessness creeps in, we give up and accept the suffering. We unknowingly compromise. Every moment living in a compromise feels like someone is strangling you. Thoughts start suffocating in the mind. We put our best to fight back the surges of emotions that come along with the suffering.

What is this ‘fight’ people casually talk about?

It’s not gaining muscles to kick down anyone. This ‘fight’ is nothing more and a firm resolution. A decision to act on getting out of the ‘compromise life’. And once this decision is made, the universe starts adjusting around your actions to ‘fight’ against your odds. Our physical, mental, and spiritual energies start rushing as our attention is that one goal – to stay true to your fight.

I’ve been a survivor of sufferings too. I’ve lived through the misery, I compromised and was helpless. I withdrew myself from the real world because I was lost in the sea of worries filled in my thoughts. I put in all my efforts without realizing what the real problem was. I was blind and didn’t know if there was anything else that I could do than just fight the enemy that was lingering in my life.

Then I discovered a ‘hard to swallow’ magic pill. Right now, I am not where near where I’d like to be. But the continued dosage of the magic pill has changed my outlook of looking at life. There are many moments when I forget about it but then slowly I pick myself up and get back on track to take that pill.

This magic pill to fight the fight is Acceptance.

And it takes time to honestly learn about ourselves to truly accept our own nature. There’s a lot our brain is continuously seeing, analyzing, and recording. And the outcome of our behavior is a mixture of our reaction to these recordings from our subconscious mind. Discovering our true nature is a process, and acceptance is where the process begins. Sadhguru says that anything can happen around you and you cannot control most of the things that happen around you. But what happens inside you is your business and you are the only person who’s in control of that.

Acceptance is a powerful weapon.

So whenever you find yourself in a battle of thoughts, you know that you need to fight the suffering with acceptance.

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